We Beat the #1 Teen Challenge !

by denny hagel on July 10, 2011


iStock 000014220202XSmall Punk Teen 201x300 We Beat the #1 Teen Challenge !We beat the biggest challenge almost every teen battles! If you are raising a teen you know that their appearance is everything. Now, granted what they are particular about may not be pleasing to us; however the fact is most teens are concerned with "fitting in". The way they see to do that is through their appearance…this is how so many crazy wild things become “fads”. And the #1 thing that presents the greatest battle and causes them the most grief and heartache about their appearance is acne.

Ever since my granddaughter, Kaitlyn, (age 14 ) turned 12 it has been a daily battle in our home with the dreaded teen acne! Ugh! Tears of embarrassment, emotional outbursts of frustration and sometimes refusal to leave her room have been common occurrences.

My heart has gone out to her. I have shared in her frustration and cried many tears of my own alongside her. We have made numerous visits to highly qualified dermatologists where she was prescribed special creams and washes as well as antibiotics. They would provide some level of temporary relief but with side effects and never a long lasting solution. The minute she was off the antibiotics the acne would raise its ugly head…no pun intended!

We eventually become monthly customers of the famous skin care product that you see advertised on television by many of the current stars. You know the one I mean, the 3 step process that is done 2 or 3 times a day. This again, provided occasional relief but we found that in order to maintain she was continuously increasing the amount and length of time for each application.

And of course during that certain time each month it became unbearable. Nothing helped. At times her face would actually look red from a distance as if she had a sunburn.

DSCF0005 KMR Dance 225x300 We Beat the #1 Teen Challenge !This past February she was invited to a Valentine’s Day dance at the local Christian school. Kaitlyn is a beautiful girl. As this was her first formal event, we shopped for the perfect dress, shoes and accessories. Everything seemed to be falling perfectly into place for this memorable milestone of her teen years. Only there was that red bumpy blotchy tint on her skin…I agreed to allow her to try some cover up but that is really all it did, it made the red bumps skin colored bumps. She became so depressed. What had begun as a very special time in her life was now reduced to tears and frustration.

She went to the dance, but from all of the pictures I saw, she spent most of her time out of the spot light and off the dance floor. I knew it was because of how self-conscious she was about her complexion.

I am sharing all of this with you because I am ecstatic to announce those days are now over! We have won the battle!

Some of you may be aware of the fact that my company, Awakened Parenting, has partnered with Young Living Essential oils. I have used many of their products and found them so amazingly effective that I felt the integrity of their business matched that of my own so that I was willing to attach my company name to them.

I have used their all natural oils for headaches, stomach aches, sore muscle relief, wart removal and relief from those restless sleepless nights for myself and my family. I have always been highly impressed with their effectiveness and absolutely thrilled that relief for these and many other ailments could be found without the use of drugs or chemicals.

I had recently read Angela Brook’s post on Face Book that her son suffered from teen acne and found relief using Young Living’s Lemon oil so that evening when I found Kaitlyn in the bathroom in tears over the condition of her skin (yep, her time of the month) I grabbed my bag of oils, pulled out the Lemon oil and a cotton ball, placed a few drops on the cotton ball, handed it to Kaitlyn and instructed her to rub it across her forehead and anywhere on her face she had a blemish or pimple. She immediately loved the scent of fresh lemon. Kaitlyn commented that it felt a bit “stingy” but felt it was bearable. I checked with her a few times because the directions stated that if it felt like a burn it could be diluted with vegetable oil but she said she was fine.

The next morning Kaitlyn came rushing into the kitchen shouting “OMG! Look! Look!” She was more excited than I had seen her in long time. She shouted, “Look at my face! It’s gone, it’s cleared up!” I had to run behind her as she raced past me on her way to my bathroom shouting, “I want to look in the bright light!” As I stood beside her and looked in the mirror I was stunned to see that she was right…except for a few tiny blemishes, her face was clear. The bumps, blotches and pimples were gone!

Kaitlyn was now shedding tears of joy and reveling in the long awaited feeling of relief as she realized the battle was over ! By simply applying a few drops of Young Living Lemon oil each night she would never feel the embarrassment or frustration over her appearance again. I can’t tell you what this has done for her self-esteem and self-image…and for my peace of mind.

Parent to parent, regardless of the age of your children, if they are not teenagers yet, they will be one day and trust me when I say you want to be prepared and have this oil in your bathroom to save them from the physical and emotional pain and frustration of acne.

YL Lemmon We Beat the #1 Teen Challenge !If your teen is currently struggling with acne, you know exactly what a huge impact this will have. And if you are like me, as a parent, this would be worth its weight in gold…you would be willing to pay almost any price for something that would make such an enormous difference in your child’s life. But if the dramatic benefits and relief of the YL Lemon oil isn’t enough, how about the fact that it costs less than $20.00 and it only takes a couple of drops a day to achieve the desired results?

This is a perfect example of why I chose to become a part of Young Living Essential Oil’s company. Not only am I able to provide my family with healthy and natural alternatives but I can pass the opportunity on to you as well.

Take a moment right now, simply enter your name below and take a look at the products, benefits and opportunity to become a part of something that will bring your family back to living the way Nature intended…using the gifts and treasures Mother earth has provided us with.

Oh, by the way, Kaitlyn asked me to send a huge thank you to “Miss Angela” and Young Living Essential Oils!



denny pic21 We Beat the #1 Teen Challenge !Denny Hagel is a child advocate and parent coach, devoting over 25 years to the success and well being of all children. She is the published author of over 50 articles on parenting, several of which have attracted international attention, and is a contributor to the parenting section of "The Infinite Field Magazine".

Denny was blessed with forward thinking parents who raised her with an understanding of her value as an individual, her innate power to choose by way of her thoughts, ideas, opinions and beliefs, thus, instilling in her a strong sense of personal responsibility for what happens in our lives

She is the founder of Awakened Parenting LLC, a company dedicated to helping parents release parenting paradigms of the past and consciously choose to raise their children to approach life with a positive mindset and strong sense of self. It is Denny’s passion to combine what she learned through her formal education in early childhood education and psychology and what her parents instilled in her and pass this on to all parents.

Denny has created the discussion group "Awakened Parenting Discussion Forum" on Face Book which now has over 700 members.  She does on line coaching with parents and teachers who consult her on a regular basis. Denny collaborates with counselors, authors, coaches and others working in the parent coaching field. Denny Hagel is the author of the newly published "The Missing Secret to Parenting", "The C.P.R. Program for Parents & Teens: Conflict Prevention/Resolution Formula", "Mini-Me Syndrome" and two free e-booklets Parenting Using the Law of Attraction and Becoming an Awakened Parent".

  • http://www.angelabrook.com Angela Brooks

    Kaitlyn I am so excited with your results! I am glad the Lemon was just what you needed. We will never run out in our house and long as acne tries to live here. *hugs* to you !!

  • http://www.ad-virtualassistance.com Anastasiya Day

    Denny, great article and thank you so much for sharing this information with us! I know that there are a lot of people and teens who are suffering with this problem! I’m glad that you have found the solution to the problem!

  • http://www.thechoicedrivenlife.com Olga

    That is so awesome for Kaitly. My son suffered from an inflammation; they always called him the red nose …. not funny. He had to use some heavy medication for it to get rid of it. Sometimes it wants to come back, we are going to try the lemon oil of course!! Awesome post!

  • http://www.thechoicedrivenlife.com Olga

    Oops, I meant to say Kaitlyn fo course….beautiful name by the way!!

  • Joanie

    I love essential oils. And what a great tip about lemon oil. Who would have thought that?  Great article and isn’t it great when you find products that are in alignment with who you are.  So great Denny. 

  • http://CarlaJGardiner.com Carla

    What a breakthrough for you and your granddaughter. I remember the days when I too suffered from the terrible self esteem damaging acne raised it’s ugly head. I even suffered with it in my mid-thirties. It’s all due to raging hormones. Thank goodness you found something simple, natural and effective for her use.

  • Denny

    Thanks Carla! Acne is the kind of thing that until you have been through it, it is hard to understand the frustration! I too struggled in my beginning menopause days! Wish I knew of YL Lemon oil back then!

  • Denny

    I love the fact that YL oils are truly from Nature…the ultimate alignment!

  • Denny

    Yes! Do try Young Living Lemon oil! You will be AMAZED!

  • Denny

    Thanks Anastasiya! I love being able to share this with others! Life is Good!

  • Denny

    Thank you Miss Angela! I love that I can rub my hand across my forehead after only a couple of applications and it feels smooth! No Bumps!! ((hugs)) :)~Kaitlyn

    Angela, I too am grateful that you shared Young Living Essential oils with me, not only the Lemon (which of course we are thrilled about) but I am so energized by the fact that I can share these fabulous treasures with others! :)~denny

  • Claudia Looi

    That’s an important message. There are so many teens having problems with acne. Thanks for sharing because parenting includes health and wellness. Young Living has some amazing products.

  • http://twitter.com/SusanMcKenzieWY Susan McKenzie

    Denny, I love this story, especially the ending! I can relate to your daughter’s distress and having tried all the products, as a young woman…. a simple, natural remedy like lemon oil… what a blessing! Thanks for sharing, Denny…. I always love to hear what is happening in your home!

  • Denny

    Thanks Susan, as you well know, when raising teens there is never a dull moment!! :)

  • Denny

    I am absolutely thrilled to have remedies available to us that are not based in chemicals and drugs!!

  • Nancy

    Wow, who knew? I love Young Living Essential Oils, and I had no idea Lemon oil would do that for acne. How cool is that!What a gift… and I can just feel the relief of your granddaughter!

  • Denny

    Thanks Nancy…such an impact on her confidence! Amazing after years of struggling!

  • Denny

    Thanks Nancy…such an impact on her confidence! Amazing after years of struggling!

  • http://www.modernhomesteading.ca Victoria Gazeley

    Essential oils are AMAZING!  So glad to hear Kaitlyn found their powers… :o)

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