• http://10bestchoices.com Olga Hermans

    Great information Denny; last Saturday we discussed the differences of husbands and wives in our small group. A very interesting subject. I t can be very frustrating when married people are not informed and it can create huge problems which are not necessary. People perish because they lack knowledge, isn’t it?

  • http://twitter.com/SusanMcKenzieWY Susan McKenzie

    As a quiet person, I can relate to this article… if I could speak up for other quiet people, I would say to the extroverts (75% of the population) to stop every now and then and take a breath and see if the quiet person wants to talk… and then give them time to talk and don’t pounce in to release your weighty overflow of dialogue too soon… because the introvert is just pausing… they are still flowing. It’s very hard for an introvert to have a say… because we are busy thinking what to say and which words to use… and because we are only 25% of the population the majority often feel we are “shy”… when really it’s just a matter of style. Extroverts think as they speak; introverts think before they speak. Such a simply but dynamic difference and one to take to heart… thanks, Denny… well done, as always!

  • http://www.uncommongeneration.com Claudia Looi

    I can relate to this article Denny. When my children were young, they were very quiet compared to my neighbors kids. I was really concerned and always tried to train them to speak up. It did not work! I didn’t accept their personalities and my actions did more harm than good to these young lives. Remember, I was the Tiger Mother until few years ago. When I backed off, respected them and let them be themselves, they flourished…my son is an out-spoken young man today at 13. Because in the last 7 years, he was let to flourish without being criticized by his mother(me).

  • Denny

    Thanks for sharing Claudia, how blessed your children are to have a mother who chose to do better…and now they are living proof of the wisdom of your choice!

  • Denny

    Well said Susan! The key of course is for each to grow more toward the other, creating a wonderful balance and open line of communication!

  • Denny

    You are so right Olga, there are so many people suffering from so many problems that could be resolved and avoided through information and understanding. Very sad.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ElvieLook Elvie Look

    You are such a wise woman and always have so many wonderful articles and points of view to share. I love it. Thanks…. I think I was/am an extrovert. :D

  • Denny

    Thanks for your kind sweet words Elvie!

  • Scott Hay

    Great article and message. It’s so important to embrace and honour the differences between each other. I have 2 brothers and a sister all with different personalities but appreciate, respect and love our different personalities.

  • http://www.debpilgrim.com DebPilgrim

    Another great article Denny and fabulous message to share with us. Thank you…

  • Anonymous

    Denny, this kind of labeling (introvert, extrovert, etc.) is part of what later has to be cleared out when people are adults and wonder why they stubbornly resist different types of healthy personal growth and behavior. As you and I have discussed, YOU try to prevent the problems in childhood … and I try to fix them in adulthood. What a team!

  • Denny

    Absolutely Sharon! Together we can change the world! Ha! :)

  • Denny

    I appreciate you stopping by and commenting Deb!

  • Denny

    Thanks Scott, That really is the key…loving the differences!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Rosenberg-Giambri/655311615 Carol Rosenberg Giambri

    Denny, As adults there are many personality inventory tests and I do believe it’s important to know where a person is at. For kid we have to help them without giving them a label: talks too much or too little; quiet or noisy. Letting them evolve will make them more comfortable in their “own” skin and not be a personality they are not comfortable with. I still hear labels spoken to me, but I accept who I am. As a kid I wa a suppressed personality due to my background and now I have evolved to who I really am supposed to be. Thanks Denny.

  • Denny

    Great points Carol, and that is the goal…to understand the differences we all have in order to respect, honor and love everyone where they are for who they are rather than to judge them or mis-interpret them because they are different than we are!

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  • http://www.bestrealhealth.com/ Pat Moon

    Denny, thanks for bringing different personality types to our attention. This article can be applied to all relationships and brings to light why some people clash… more understanding of who we are and who they are will definitely make life flow smoother.

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