Millions of Families Around The World Are Experiencing Real Change!

We are living in exciting times!
Families around the world are experiencing real change as a result of the way they are approaching physical and emotional health and we at Awakened Parenting are so proud to be in on the ground floor to share this excitement with you.
Through my coaching company, social media and direct email I hear from more and more parents every day who are seeing unprecedented changes in the dynamics of their relationships with their children as a result of leading their families back to basics and raising their children the way Nature intended…
Parents are opening up to new ways of relating to their children by …
  • learning healthy communication skills geared toward raising children.
  • gaining clarity about their role in their children’s lives.
  • understanding the impact they have on the success their children will experience now and in the future.

As a result, benefits are showing up in the improved emotional health of their children which contributes tremendously to their ability and desire to be positive, cooperative, and responsible members of their family.

Sandra Bueno writes…

"Denny, you offer very practical and easy-to-understand advice on parenting. I love the clarity with which you
help recreate powerful paradigm shifts for parents to effectively and nurturingly use." Thank you!

The intended purpose of family is to unite and bond and support and love one another in a way that is special and unique from the rest of the world. It is to be the nucleus of our own personal space on earth…the people that we call our own and depend on for love and comfort and support. Today’s families are at risk or already have drifted off of the intended path and we all suffer and pay the price every day. And as parents of the current generation we have it in our power to change this and guide our children back on track.

 "Your work is a blessing to so many and it truly changes lives…"~Beau Henderson

In addition, Awakened Parenting has expanded its focus to include the physical well-being of children. Through the fast-growing popularity of the use of essential oils, parents are experiencing amazing benefits to enhance their children’s physical health without the use of chemicals and drugs that for so many years has been the only course of action.

We are thrilled to have partnered with the top essential oil company in the world, Young Living Essential Oils. The oils Young Living offers are therapeutic grade oils produced from the highest quality plants harvested all over the planet.
Carol Hazeldine shares…
“The baby gets the croup as she is asthmatic. I gave her Young Living peppermint oil and
she is doing well! Normally because of the asthma we would take her to the hospital!” ~

Testimonials are flooding in each day. Parents are reporting astounding relief and benefits for themselves and their children from everything from earaches to allergies and more…not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of dollars saved on Doctor and prescription bills.

These are truly revolutionary times because parents have the resources available to bring the
health and well-being of their families back to the way of life that we all desire and deserve and was intended for us.
Parents are charged with the responsibility to nurture and guide their children to a life of success and happiness. Parenting is not supposed to be the “toughest” job in the world as many refer to it. We were not blessed with children to endure grief and pain. Families are not supposed to argue their way toward a disconnect that separates mothers and daughters. The Divine design is not for sons to disrespect and denounce their fathers.

All that is necessary in life is provided for us. All we have to do is to open up to this awareness and make the decision to begin anew. When we are born, each and every one of us enters this world free of negativity; we are not born with thoughts and emotions of anger, resentment, fear, distrust or frustration. These are learned emotions as a result of being asked to live against our innate natural instinct to love and be happy.

Raising an emotionally healthy child requires parents to examine their emotional health in order to ensure what they are passing on, both consciously and subconsciously, is what will serve their child’s best interest. I refer to this as your parenting mindset. In order to successfully parent your children it is imperative that you have a healthy parenting mindset. In other words, what goes into your child’s mind needs to be what you want to see in them…positive thoughts and choices, respect, gratitude, kindness, honor, trust and unconditional love.

The same principle applies to their physical health. What goes into their body needs to be what will provide them the most benefit. Putting drugs and chemicals into our body that Nature created is going against the natural order and will not produce a healthy body.

I ask you today to make the decision to join with me to lead your family on the path of change. Take the steps to say the time has come to let go of the past and put your life and the future of your children on a journey that will bring all that was intended…peace, love, abundant health emotionally and physically.
Susan McKenzie writes…
"Denny, I believe that if we put our focus on the family, learning the skills to living in love and peace, we wouldn’t have economic problems anywhere in the world. I believe most solutions to problems in this world originate in our own hearts, in our own homes… and when invest in ourselves and in our families, we are changing the world around us. I am so glad that you are helping us all to make a difference, right where we live… in the heart of the family!"

Together we can do this.

I am extremely proud that Awakened Parenting has compiled the resources to provide you with the knowledge, information and products to place your family on the path of well-being.

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Join Me And The Millions of Families Around the World Who Are Experiencing Real Change!

  • Karen Brooks

    Great article. Parents are the change makers for today’s children. We are indeed living in exciting times.

  • Michele M Tremblay

    Parents are so fortunate to have you around to help them with their most important job!

  • Anastasiya Day

    I totally agree with Michele – Parents are so lucky to have you around to help them with their most important job! Great article.

  • Olga

    It is the harmony of the family that keeps us in balance and strong; when the family gets attacked, everybody in that family is out of balance. Good word Denny!

  • Anonymous

    I just love the word “harmony”…thanks Olga!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Anastasiya! I feel blessed to be able to help! :)

  • Anonymous

    You have made my day Michele!! Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    So true Karen…they are our present and our future!

  • Beth Heilman

    You’re my parenting hero, Denny. I wish I’d had your advice when my 3 older kids were young, but I’m glad I have it now for my 8 year old. Thank you!!

  • Hughie Bagnell

    Awesome Denny…always inspiring! …Thank you, Hughie

  • Donaldwells

    Thanks Denny, for being as source of optimism:-)

  • Jen

    Love it Denny! 

  • Anne (Annie) Berryhill

    Love the tie-in Denny! Amazing how many things that these oils are helpful for!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not even a parent yet lol, but I think this is great! :-)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Theo…you will be well prepared when you do! :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Annie…I am amazed everyday at the benefits I am finding personally and that is of course is multiplied by the reports I hear from others! Awesome products! :)

  • Anonymous

    You are so sweet Beth! I am honored…Thank you so much!

  • Donovan

    Great stuff Denny. Parenting midset is always key to how our children grow, act and succeed in life. Your messages are a gift to parents around the world!

  • Carol Douthitt

    There is a new “awakening” going on all around us.  And you certainly have your finger on the pulse when it comes to becoming an “awakened parent” Denny.  Thanks for all  fabulous information you continue to add to your site.  Love it!!!

  • Solvita

    I like your awaken parenting approach Deny, nothing can be better! Interesting points about the oils…thanks for sharing :)

  • Wil

    Herbal essences and oils are so helpful in many ways. Peppermint is one I couldn’t do without when my stomach is upset.
    Thanks again, Denny for great info!

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  • Michelle DeMarco

    I have always subscribed to letting things run their course and curing in the most natural way possible.  “First do no harm” is a thing many physicians seem to have forgotten.  I love my essential oils and other natural remedies!