According to Oprah Parenting is Entering a Revolution!

by denny hagel on May 21, 2014

Graphic What you pass on Toddler BoyOprah announced on her show, Super Soul Sunday, that parenting is entering a revolution that will change the world…one parent. one child at a time. AMEN! 

As she interviewed the author of "Conscious Parenting" it was revealed that at the core of raising children differently than the way most of us were parented was the need for parents to look inward rather than at the unwanted behaviors of our children.

Oprah went on to share that to be a conscious, awakened parent all parents need to clearly understand their role in their child's life. 

For those of you who are familiar with my work here at Awakened Parenting you can imagine the overwhelming excitement I felt hearing these words! My constant thought was 'Finally, the world will hear what I have been teaching and  sharing for years." Because, as you know, when Oprah says it, for the most part, people listen!

However, I was not shocked when audience members put forth the same resistance my work has received. Many giving praise to the parents who raised them "old school" for the success they now experience. Oprah agreed to a degree. Admitting she had turned out pretty well and yet had experienced a childhood of strict discipline…even beatings that made her bleed…she asked the audience to consider an alternative way of raising children that would be positive and supporting and nurturing without the need to spank, punish, discipline…all negative actions

And that is the question I put to you. What if your kids could be raised in a way void of negativity and 'turn out pretty good'? What if you could have a relationship with your child where there was no need for punishment and discipline but was replaced with nurturing and connecting? 

The truth of the matter is that every adult suffering from issues that negatively affect their lives today, whether conscious or unconscious can trace the root of their struggles to their childhood! That is not to point fingers of blame or undermine the efforts of those who raised us but to shine light on something that we now know needs to be changed. 

Ask yourself, what do you want for your children. What is your goal as a parent? If you want a connected relationship with your child that will provide them with the tools to have a postive mindset that will lead them to adulthood able to have a successful life then you have no choice but to look inward.

Your children are a mirror to what they see in you. 

Join the revolution! Take a moment to grab one of my free ebooks. Click on the products tab at the top of the page in the green tab bar…in all of Awakened Parenting publications you will receive information, tips, tools and suggestions on how you can raise your child through connecting with them rather than controlling them.




  • Susan Schiller

    Cheers, Denny, for the examples you’ve freely shown us all along. Passing on your parents’ legacy of positive, compassionate leadership that empowers instead of controlling and negative consequences is a revolution. At first the msg is rejected before it’s accepted. I’m cheering you on and glad you are back writing! :)

  • naomirichards

    Here Here! Good old Oprah. I think it is always good to take a step back and review what you want for your children and are you parenting for them to have/be like that

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