The Parenting Notes~A Mother’s Legacy

by denny hagel on May 8, 2011



Do you recall hearing the saying "There is a reason for everything, nothing happens by accident."? Typically these words are spoken in reaction to an unpleasant or unwanted event or situation. The purpose is to soothe feelings of being upset…to lessen the negative feelings and provide a positive perception, even when we can't clearly see one.

I realize that many things have come full circle in my life. Those of you who are frequent visitors here and follow my work know much of what is at the core of my ideas, thoughts and beliefs about parenting came from my mother. As I have shared before, my mother raised me in an extremely unconventional way for the time. I was taught that I could direct my life in whatever direction I chose based on the choices and decisions I made.

I especially remember the half-smile expression on my mother's face when she would remind us, "There are consequences with every choice, only you can determine if they will be positive or negative!" It was her way of saying, "Choose what you want, just know that you will receive the consequences and if they are unpleasant…I will not bail you out!"

Both of my parents put their energy into guiding me through exploring options to help me make choices that felt right for me, however, they were adamant that I must be allowed to experience the results of my choices in order to learn...and somehow I knew this was because they loved me. In retrospect I think I knew this because during the times that I made choices that did not have a great outcome, my parents were always there to hug me and support me…many times crying along with me. Never judging, only comforting.

As I sit here now as a grandmother raising my two teenage grandchildren, looking back at my childhood years, it seems almost predictable that I would be where I find myself today…Driven by an incredibly powerful deep loving passion to help all parents raise their children with the same wisdom my mother had…

That's not to say she was perfect, far from it. My mother regularly made mistakes. The reason I know that is because she was quick to share with me and my siblings when she did. That is what I believe set her apart from most other parents. She exposed her truth while maintaining an attitude of being open to learn to be better. By watching her strive to be the best she could be through trial and experience, I learned to live my life the same way.

As I shared in my bio page, as a result of my mother becoming terminally ill when my daughter was in 2nd grade, we spent a good part of her final months creating what she referred to as "The Parenting Notes". They were to be used as a sort of reference guide in the years ahead when I would be raising my daughter without the benefit of her support, wisdom and input. It was a labor of love and has continued to be what I hold dear to my heart during the frequent moments of missing her. And now it is apparent to me, all these years later, that their value is far too great to be kept only in my mind and in my private journals for my use only.

Combined with my personal experiences as a mother and grandmother, my formal education, my professional experience as a parent coach and the wisdom of my mother who saw 5 children through their teen years, I am thrilled to offer you

"The C.P.R Program for Parents & Teens:
onflict Prevention/Resolution Formula."

The focus of The C.P.R. Program is two fold.

This program is designed to help you teach your children, at as young of an age as possible, positive problem solving skills to have in place BEFORE the onset of the teen years OR to adopt these skills, share them with your teen so that together you can resolve current conflicts and create a relationship built on mutual respect, cooperation and trust.

"The C.P.R. Program for Parents & Teens:
onflict Prevention/Resolution Formula"

(available in e-Book format for immediate download)

This complete and comprehensive one-of-a-kind program is designed
for parents of children of all ages.

Within the over 170 jam-packed pages it provides the skills, tools and
strategies for you to share with your children to be able to prevent or
resolve conflicts in a positive constructive manner.

Whether you are a parent of a teen currently in conflict needing relief from
the stress and anxiety of the emotional roller coaster ride of mood swings, disrespectful attitudes and hurtful comments or the parent of younger children wanting to teach these skills now
in order to prevent conflicts down the road, every day that goes by without this powerful information is another day that your relationship with your child is not at its best.


There will be no better time!

As a result of The C.P.R Program

  • You will have the tools and skills to STOP the negative divisive confrontations that are currently wreaking havoc on your relationship with your child.
  • You will have the opportunity to incorporate a healthy approach to problem solving into your younger children's lives now so they will have these skills throughout their lives.
  • You will be able to create a relationship with your child based on honor, trust, personal responsibility, mutual respect and unconditional love.


Denny Hagel is a child advocate and parenting coach, devoting over 25 years to the success and well being of all children. She is the published author of over 150 articles on parenting, several of which have attracted international attention..

Denny was blessed with forward thinking parents who raised her with an understanding of her value as an individual, her innate power to choose by way of her thoughts, ideas, opinions and beliefs, thus, instilling in her a strong sense of personal responsibility for what happens in our lives

She is the founder of Awakened Parenting LLC, a company dedicated to helping parents release parenting paradigms of the past and consciously choose to raise their children to approach life with a positive mindset and strong sense of self. It is Denny’s passion to combine what she learned through her formal education in early childhood education and psychology and what her parents instilled in her and pass this on to all parents.

Denny has created the discussion group "Awakened Parenting Discussion Forum" on Face Book which now has nearly 600 members.  She does on line coaching with parents and teachers who consult her on a regular basis. Denny collaborates with counselors, authors, coaches and others working in the parent coaching field. Denny Hagel is the author "The C.P.R. Program for Parents & Teens: Conflict Prevention/Resolution Formula," "Mini-Me Syndrome" and two free e-booklets “Parenting Using the Law of Attraction” and Becoming an Awakened Parent".

  • Carolbender8

    Congrats on this, Denny. I wish you much success. I am sharing this on face book.

  • Anonymous

    I know people have been waiting for ages to get their hands on Denny’s mother’s “special sauce” … in the form of this book. It’s finally here! Bravo!

  • Olga Hermans

    Congratulations with your awesome Mothers’ Day accomplishment; great job! Every parent who partakes of this program will benefit greatly. It is definitely a 2 Thumbs up!

  • Nancy

    I’m not a parent, Denny, but I’ve been parented. And I’m so glad you are offering all parents this perspective and help. You go, girl!

  • Denny

    Thank you for your continued support Sharon, it means a lot! :)

  • Denny

    I appreciate your kind words Olga, it has been a labor of love that I was meant to create:)

  • Denny

    Thanks for your support Nancy!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I’m trying to figure out how to holler from the rooftops that parents need to get this book! That they can’t wait until situations have deteriorated to the point of crisis and risk the long-term residual damage that causes. That they need to be proactive (and enlightened with every bit of information they can get their hands on, not counting on how THEY were raised) and provide the guiding hand to raise fulfilled, conscientious children.

  • Carla J Gardiner

    @e302adc8fe1943fe6d2df827cfe60db0:disqus This is your best post yet! The love your mother showed by taking precious moments to help you document her parenting skills is priceless. You are a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother and I am so proud to call you my friend. Much success to you and your new book, C.P.R. for Parents and Teens.

  • Denny

    Carla, Your words brought tears to my eyes…thank you so much!

  • Elvie Look

    What a sacrifice of love for your mom to write words of wisdom for when she couldn’t be there. And what a sacrifice of love for you to share your precious gift with others. Love you Denny. And don’t watch the movie Stepmom with Julia Roberts…. you will ball your eyes out.

  • Susan McKenzie

    The long awaited “Parenting Notes” has finally arrived in the form of the “C.P.R. Program” … and what a wonderful tribute to your mother by offering this valuable resource on Mother’s Day!!! Congratulations, Denny…. I’m very excited about this project, having been an avid reader of your articles and the impact your parents have had…. I’m so glad their influence will impact a much greater circle of families!

  • Denny

    Thank you Susan, I am excited to be able to pass it on…and this is only a part of The Parenting Notes! Getting ready to begin the next one now…might even put it out to parents to choose the topic area, what do you think?Blessings~

  • Denny

    Oh Elvie, you are always so encouraging! Thanks for the tip…you know, it is strange but ever since my mother passed all those years ago, I haven’t been able to watch any of those movies like Stepmom to the end…get so far and just can’t do it….Love you too! Blessings~

  • anabolic steroids blog

    my mum has always been my true hero.


  • Carol Douthitt

    What a fitting and beautiful heart warming tribute to your Mother! She must have been really special because she raised such a caring, talented, and inspiring daughter like you Denny! I wish I could have met her!

  • Victoria Gazeley

    What an incredible gift your mama left the world – it’s affecting change even now through your words and your work.  Thank you, Denny, for all that you do for children and parents! 

  • Denny

     Thanks for commenting Victoria, and thanks for your support. I feel as though this was all in the “plans”…she would be so pleased!

  • Denny

     What a beautiful thing to say! Thank you!

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